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There is a little emotion as I write those lines: this is the first article I write on The Dub World! This blog is mainly going to be dedicated to my work and my passion for R, Shiny and other new fun stuff I recently started learning, like machine learning and neural networks.

I will mainly talk about little tricks and technique I have learnt using this incredible tool that is Shiny. If you’ve never heard of shiny, it is a web application framework written in R, developed mainly by Joe Cheng. You can find more informations about Shiny here.

A little presentation. My name is Richard Dubos and am a French citizen who moved to the USA in August 2012 to finish my master of applied statistics at Oakland University, MI. Once my master finished, I struggled a little bit before finding a job, most companies not willing to hire an alien without experience on a temporary work authorization. But managed to work my way through and, at the time I write those lines, I work in the R&D department of an Insurance company based in Lansing, MI, (almost) home of the Spartans!

I am probably not the best one to say that, but I would say that I’m quite a fun guy. Kid at mind, full of energy, I am always ready to go on an adventure or traveling to new places. I enjoy bike riding, swimming, team sports, like soccer (i would admit that I am pretty terrible at it, but enjoy the workout!), and other outside activities. I own three “pull-up” polaroid cameras from the 70’s (two 360’s and one 450 – I know, they look the same!). I enjoy talking about ideas that “make the world”. It’s a pretty vague term that regroup science, politics, human interactions, etc… To make it simple, I like to talk!

That’s pretty much it for myself, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask, i don’t bite!

PS: I’m also quite the dancer!


Ricky PT


Author: The Dub World

R Shiny enthusiast & Machine Learning beginner. Also French expat, food lover and ridiculous dancer!

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